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CZ Micro Pave Jewelry

CZ Micro Pave Jewelry

Micro Pave jewelry is the hottest trend in hip hop fashion jewelry. These pieces have hundreds of CZ stones per piece SET into the jewelry with prongs. NOT GLUED IN. These fine pieces of jewelry are made of brass or sterling silver with a thick rhodium finish for a long lasting shine. Micro pave jewelry is designed to look virtually identical to real diamond jewelry from the stone setting, the intricate details, the feel, and the structure of the jewelry.

Rhodium Brass pendants typically retail for $50-80
Rhodium brass bracelets typically retail for $75-125
Rhodium .925 Silver Earrings typically retail for $15-50 depending on the size and the market

Beware of false advertisements claiming "micro pave" glued in stone jewelry

Rhodium CZ Micro Pave Earrings

Black CZ MicroPave Earrings

Gold CZ Micro Pave Earrings

Lemonade CZ Micro Pave Earrings

Black CZ Micro Pave Earrings .925 Silver

New Micro Pave Earrings .925 Silver

Gold Vermeil Micro Pave Earrings .925 Silver

CZ Black Mens Rings

CZ Rhodium Mens Rings

CZ Gold Mens Rings

CZ Lemonade Mens Rings

CZ Micro Pave Pendants Wholesale

Micropave .925 Silver Diamond Earrings

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  • CZ Micro Pave Jewelry